Introducing Volumina® RIS PACS 3D
Stamford, CT - September 01,2010
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KJAYA Medical, a leader in advanced medical imaging and visualization technology,  introduces its revolutionary GPU Cloud medical imaging data management integrated diagnostic system, Volumina®. It is to debug at Radiological Society of North America conference this November 2010.

Diagnostic Imaging with Volumina cloud is easy and fast. Once a clinic is registered with the Help Desk, a self starter package customized to the clinic is sent over. There is no hardware to install, or software to purchase. Customers are free to use Volumina for 30 days, evaluate, then continue using it and pay only a modest per-study fee. Incur each per-study fee just once; view as frequently and by as many people as one desires. There are no monthly minimums, and no support charges.

Volumina is universal! It can be used with an existing digital system, adopted as a replacement, or used to advance from film to digital.  All combinations are possible with Volumina cloud.

Focusing on Patient Care

Volumina aims to improve patient care, by providing to medical professionals globally the software technology that could lead to improved diagnoses, treatments, and patients' well being.

KJAYA Medical's mission is to improve patient care through rapid access to Intelligent Visualization™ of medical scans anytime, anywhere. Our vision is to embody observable 3D anatomical structures as an inherent component of a diagnostic workflow and be accessible over the web.

Arming Clients with a Competitive Edge in a Saddling Economy

KJAYA provides a competitive edge to its clients by utilizing our clinical application and visualization expertise to improve their diagnoses and imaging reports’ turnaround times.

Until now, to obtain digital solutions, imaging facilities would have needed to have available substantial human resources and to incur significant capital costs. Quickly, their facilities would have begun to function partly as IT warehouses, and would have been unable to focus exclusively on their core purposes -- Healthcare.  The US Deficit Reduction Act that went into effect on October 1, 2009 calls for greater efficiencies, increased accuracies, improved patients’-care and reduced costs. In meeting these requirements, Volumina is a leap forward.

KJAYA’s president and founder, Kovalan Muniandy pointed out, “CIOs, radiologists, and others in the medical imaging business now suffer significantly from cost pressures and increasing complexities of managing modern medical images’ storage as well as the difficulties of rapidly accessing such images anytime, anywhere. These costs, which have been exploding in recent years, now must be controlled. This mandates that the increasing data volumes must be easily and efficiently managed.  The current economic climate, reluctance to invest in capital projects makes Volumina Cloud Managed Service a particularly attractive answer to market concerns.”
Our Images Travel, So You Don't Have To

Volumina overcomes the challenge of accessing medical scans rapidly over the Internet to give its users the web experience that they are accustomed to.

Volumina’s GPU Storage Area Network and fiber optics connected data centers enable rapid access to, and processing of, large medical images while providing redundancy, and unlimited storage and archiving capabilities. 

Users can manipulate medical scans on-the-fly using a web browser from any location. Volumina interactively responds to deliver rich representation of the medical scans to the users, on-demand. For example, Volumina displays latest 4D 320-Slice CT scan output constituting of 6700 images (3.35GB of data) in seconds over the Internet compared to hours using pre-existing PACS solutions.

Volumina cloud-based advanced clinical viewing software has been cleared as a diagnostic device by the FDA. Physicians can diagnose patients anytime, anywhere.

With 100 Times More Powerful Servers, Volumina® Stands Out!

Volumina Cloud is comprised of high-performance servers located in geographically disparate locations. Each server is hundred times more powerful than current PACS servers because, uniquely, it incorporates Graphics Processing Units (GPUs).

Existing PACS servers are passive computers focused on servicing file requests and their diagnostic viewers have been added as an after-thought. By contrast, Volumina servers are "thinking" machines capable of producing Intelligent Visualizations™ and adapted to handle the ever-increasing volumes of medical data.

Users have access to this platform anytime, anywhere using Volumina GPU Cloud-based advanced clinical viewing application. The diagnostic device uses revolutionary means of rapidly and accurately delivering interactive on-demand high volume medical images reconstructed in 3D/4D over Internet.

Volumina® delivers a truly one-of-a-kind GPU Cloud-based RIS PACS 3D diagnostic imaging platform. Dr. Russell Low, Medical Director of Sharp and Children’s MRI Center and an eminent radiologist, test drove from the comfort of his home using a basic cable modem and reacts to the performance, “It is incredibly fast!”