Imaging Economics Magazine Editor's RSNA Blog: Maximize the Benefits of the Cloud
Chicago, IL - December 07,2011
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by Christopher Gaerig, Imaging Economics 12/7/2011 1:32:00 PM

While KJAYA Medical was at RSNA largely to promote its new iShareScan functionality, I was struck by something that CEO and founder Kovalan Muniandy said about cloud computing. While many vendors are toting the use of cloud computing, Muniandy notes that the cloud is only good for small data sets, which presents a problem for DICOM medical images. In order to offer true cloud computing with diagnostic images, KJAYA uses proprietary technology to quickly deliver images to remote viewing stations despite the large file size. By attaching processing hardware to KJAYA’s remote servers, they are able to quickly process and transmit these images.

Currently, most cloud-computing services don’t offer diagnostic-quality images, and the ones that do typically feature lag time, slowing the process. The ability to quickly process and transmit diagnostic-level images sets KJAYA apart in this regard. As hospitals look to cut costs and reduce infrastructure costs, is the ability to fully utilize the benefits of the cloud through quick processing the kind of solution that your facility is investigating?