KJAYA Medical Receives Investment through the Enterprise Ireland
Dublin, Ireland - November 11,2011
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November 11, 2011, Dublin, Ireland - KJAYA Medical has been awarded a substantial financial investment through Enterprise Ireland’s High Potential Start-Up program.  The prestigious program is administered through the Irish state agency responsible for supporting the development of manufacturing and internationally traded service companies. KJAYA underwent a rigorous due diligence process  prior to selection and was one of only 24 such high  tech firms  selected for the program in Q2 of this year.

                 Commenting on the award, Kovey Kovalan, founder and president of KJAYA said “We are extremely honored to have been selected for this award from among such a prestigious group of potential recipients.  The funding provides us with a launching pad to implement our ambitious expansion plans.  We are looking forward to progressing our business to the next level with the help of this innovative program.”

                 Speaking about the recent group of Start-Up award winners, the Greg Treston, Head of High Potential Start Ups and Scaling at Enterprise Ireland said: "These are ambitious companies, with highly innovative products and business development strategies that will enable them to carve out a place in global markets..."

                 "KJAYA Medical was selected because of its innovative use of gaming technology to overcome the  challenges of  medical image data management to improve patient care." said Brendan Fay, Development Advisor for Enterprise Ireland. "Its unique Volumina solution provides enhanced visualization in a cloud environment in a cost-effective manner with technology that is  significantly ahead of competing solutions."  

                 Customers only pay per study fee for every scan sent to the Volumina cloud. KJAYA estimates that customers experience a 30 to 40% cost savings using KJAYA's fee-per-study offering compared to maintaining conventional system costs for storage hardware, offsite archiving, workstation hardware and software licenses for 2D and 3D viewing, PACS/RIS software licenses and yearly maintenance fees, personnel overhead and other hidden charges.

                 KJAYA’s  proprietary imaging software relies on  gaming technology-based supercomputers to  produce and stream Web-based Intelligent Visualizations® instantaneously. Other vendors' servers are passive computers focused on servicing file requests that viewers require scans to be downloaded before viewing.  Instead, the immense processing power of KJAYA's supercomputing cloud produces and streams visualizations instantaneously without transmitting the raw scan.  Because scans are not downloaded to the local PC, the technology also offers the highest level of patient privacy, while ensuring HIPAA and HITECH Act compliance. The result is secure access to interactive diagnostic quality images on-demand in real-time on any computer including the iPad, making it an ideal cloud computing radiology platform.

                 Overcoming the traditional tradeoff between image quality and data transmission speed, KJAYA Medical's patent-pending innovations make cloud computing for radiology truly practical for the first time. Unlike competing solutions, KJAYA provides immediate access to images stored on the Volumina cloud.  Users no longer must wait for lengthy downloads or compromise the raw scan’s diagnostic quality.  Moreover, image communication requires no advance set up between sites and can be quickly accomplished on-the-fly.

                 Frost & Sullivan honored KJAYA Medical with the Frost & Sullivan 2011 North American Technology Innovation Award in Web-based Medical Imaging Data Management for its innovative Volumina® Imaging Suite. “KJAYA makes the internet an effective medium for the viewing, processing and storing large medical image files, eliminating the physician’s need  to purchase and maintain costly IT hardware and software onsite,” said Darshana De, Senior Research Analyst for Frost & Sullivan.  “Volumina also enables users from unrelated facilities anywhere worldwide to share information across disparate IT systems.  Today’s medical environment demands efficient, cost-effective workflow and Volumina delivers the tools that can empower faster and more accurate diagnosis within an extremely affordable fee structure.  It also provides a range of innovative technology for radiology department management and billing that effectively remove all barriers to adoption.”

                 At RSNA in Chicago this month, KJAYA Medical  will debut iShareScan.com, a workstation-class cloud based image sharing solution available at no cost to imaging sites. The unique new  solution takes advantage of the same super-computing cloud technology as KJAYA’s full per-study-fee-based Volumina® imaging suite. The value of iShareScan.com extends well beyond simple image sharing. Cases can be rapidly viewed in high resolution, and users can share interactive 3D information with physicians and patients over the web.  This information is particularly valuable in such cases as a trauma transfer for a patient with fractured bone visualized in clear 3D, an oncologist viewing intuitive 3D PET-CT fusion of a cancer, or on-demand 3D manipulation by a surgeon before or during surgery. The technology also eliminates the use of CDs, VPN connections and slow web access from facilities limited bandwidth.           

                According to Kovalan, KJAYA Medical believes that radiologists, physicians and patients deserve a better diagnostic imaging technology experience than what is available today, and such technology advancement should come at cost savings to imaging facilities to cope with the reduced healthcare reimbursement. Enterprise Ireland's support of our vision strengthens this belief.