Radiology Information System (RIS)

Managing an imaging workflow is accomplished over the web using Volumina Radiology Information System (RIS) portal. RIS functions include scheduling or checking-in a patient, attaching scan documents to a patient record, managing users and clinics, assigning radiologists, checking study status, tracking typist's progress, and automating billing. Administrators have access to all functions but each user can be configured to have restricted access according to their assignments. Administrators can be be given access to manage one or multiple clinics. Users of the  system can be staff such as receptionist, radiologist, referring physician, typist, and even patients. Each login exposes only the necessary RIS functions according to a role. For example, a physician has access to only checking status of a patient report, or to schedule a patient for scanning. A patient on the other hand has only access to his/her scans and health records. Manage imaging workflow efficently because everything you need is there on a web browser.

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